ICF Certificate in Professional Coaching Skills

This training will enable you to gain a recognised professional qualification as a coach on our ICF
accredited Professional Coaching Skills programme. You will develop the attitude skills and key
competencies of an effective professional coach on our established, in-depth and highly
experiential course.

Professional Diploma in Project Management

The goal of the Professional Diploma in Project Management is to provide practitioners with a practical framework that can be applied to any project. The course will suit established project managers who want to deepen their knowledge of each constituent component of a project and how they interact as well as relatively new professionals that need to hit the ground running. It covers the lifecycle of a project with special focus on project initiation, planning, control, and execution. The project lifecycle will be applied to a number of PM knowledge areas such as Scope, Schedule, Cost, Quality, Stakeholders and Communications. There will be a standalone module on Agile Project Management Methods. The course will use the PMI Project Management Book of Knowledge PMBOK.

Professional Diploma in Leadership and Management

This course covers a range of topics related to leadership in organisations, and takes a sequential approach. From identifying the needs of an organisation, building and developing teams through to the skills change management and enhancing performance, the course aims to instil in participants an understanding of how a successful and productive environment can be created and sustained long- term. The course is designed to be thought-provoking and relevant to current contexts, and makes ample use of case studies and real-life examples.

Professional Diploma in Artificial Intelligence

In this course, you will learn what Artificial Intelligence is in practical terms, and what the implications are for businesses, employees, and society. You will learn about different technologies and applications across diverse industries, geographies, and functions. You will learn how to manage the people-process-technology balance to maximise the value of Artificial Intelligence in your organisation. 

Professional Diploma in Change Management

This course will give you the ability to identify the leadership skills necessary to manage organisational change and transformation. You will learn effective practical strategies to help you “bring people with you” on the change journey and how to successfully embed change within an organisation.