ECDL - European Computer Driving Licence

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  • Date: 25 May 2012
  • Programme Name: ECDL - European Computer Driving Licence
  • Venue: Cork
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Cost: €499.00
  • Places: No
Closing Date for booking for this course is  24 May 2012

European Computer Driving Licence


Aims & Training Objectives - At the end of the training session participants will be able to:


·         Have a fuller understanding of how to use a computer.

·         Know the parts of a computer

·         Understand the specifications of computer hardware and software.

·         Be able to create folder structures and organize files.

·         Create professional documents using a word processing applications.

·         Be able to generate calculated spreadsheets and graphs.

·         Know how to create a simple database and extract data as required.

·         Produce professional PowerPoint presentations.

·         Be able to use the internet and communicate effectively through email.


This course is designed for anyone who wishes to gain an internationally recognized computer qualification. There are no pre-requisites fro attending this course and people of all ages and backgrounds will benefit from attending.


Course Outline would include:


·         7 modules with 7 exams

·         Module 1 – Concepts of computing – computer theory.

·         Module 2 – File Management – learning to use the computer and manage files and folders.

·         Module 3 – Word Processing – creating, editing and printing documents using Microsoft Word

·         Module 4 – Spreadsheets – use Microsoft Excel to generate worksheets and graphs.

·         Module 5 – Databases – gather, analyse and extract data using Microsoft Access.

·         Module 6 – Presentations – create meaningful, professional presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint.

·         Module 7 – Information & Communications – surf the web and send email using Microsoft Internet Explorer and Outlook.


Proposed Methodology (Training Approach & Evaluation method):


This is a highly interactive course which combines facilitator presentation with hands-on exercises and group discussions. Each person will have use of a computer and will gain hands on experience of each of the applications. The course would take 8 days – one day per week. After each module the participant will have a week to prepare for the exam which will take place at the beginning of each subsequent day. On the last day the participant will complete the last exam and any repeat exams will take place that day also. All participants will have detailed notes and sample exams for each module. These will be supplied in pdf format on CD at the start of the course.


Recommended programme duration and delivery structure:


This is a 7 or 8 day course. 9:30am to 4:30pm


Maximum number will be 10 participants.


A typical schedule would look like this:


Day 1 – Module 1 course

Day 2 – Module 1 exam – Module 2 course

Day 3 – Module 2 exam – Module 3 course

Day 4 – Module 3 exam – Module 4 course

Day 5 – Module 4 exam – Module 5 course

Day 6 – Module 5 exam – Module 6 course

Day 7 – Module 6 exam – Module 7 course

Day 8 – Module 7 exam – Repeat exams if required




This is an accredited course. Each participant requires an ECDL Skills Card which is the official record of their progress. The exams will be corrected by an ECDL accredited tester – this will not be the tutor. Upon completion of all 7 modules Direct Training Ireland will submit the Skills card to ICS-Skills (the Irish awarding body for the ECDL Foundation), who will issued the certification.


Trainer Profile

Gary M. Pheasey - Direct Training Ireland

With a background founded in education and training, and as a member of the Irish Institute Of Training And Development and an ECDL Certified Training Professional, Gary has many years of training experience behind him. In college he studied Arts & Philosophy, including Psychology and Communications and he is ideally placed to ensure that the client is listened to and understood.

Gary has worked as a lecturer in Industrial Communications at the Waterford Institute of Technology. He also established one of the largest ECDL training centres in Ireland at Bausch & Lomb Ireland where his organisational and training abilities led to the test centre being recognised by ECDL Ireland as the best test centre in Ireland at the 2003 ECDL awards.


Member Fee:                  €499
Non Member Fee:          €599*

*Membership for 2012 is just €100.00