Job Seekers

Job Seekers

Increase your employability and make new contacts in industry by getting training with South West Gnó Skillnet.

If you are unemployed and fulfil the Skillnets definition of a job-seeker you can attend a range of Skillnets courses at no cost. The new eligibility criteria are accessible via the following link: to find out more.

By training with a Skillnets network, not only will you be able to access training that is directly relevant to industry needs but there is an added advantage of networking opportunities with companies and employees in your chosen sector and/or region.

Important Information for JOB SEEKERS

The network operates a “First-Come, First-Served” system for all course bookings.  Therefore, website registration does not guarantee a place on any of the courses advertised on this website.

Job Seekers Support Programme (JSSP Fund)

South West Gnó SKILLNET has been awarded funding from Skillnets Ltd. for training courses through the Job-seekers Support Programme (JSSP).

All courses funded under the JSSP are free for job-seekers and will include a work placement.

The following rules apply to funding for job-seekers:

  • Unemployed participants will not be charged programme fees or any other costs associated with training participation
  • Unemployed trainees cannot be paid any training-related allowance by a network, member company or referral agency eg. FÁS or Local Employment Services
  • Organisations referring unemployed clients to networks eg. Local Employment Services cannot contribute funding to any network

Please note that Skillnets training programmes are part of a scheme agreed with the Department of Social Protection (DSP).`

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